I am scared of driving a car….

A method is excellent for actually moving toward a goal; a goal is terrific for defining what success looks like. In the short term, your aim may help you stay on course and even propel you forward, but in the long run, a well-designed system always prevails. Everyone has objectives, and sticking to a system is essential to reaching those objectives. Tim Ferriss explains in a podcast how Herb Kelleher, the CEO of Southwest Airlines, has a lot of decisions to make every day. Kelleher approaches each problem with a straightforward framework: Will this assist Southwest in becoming the low-cost provider? Indeed, if that is the case. Otherwise, no. The same paradigm is used by highly productive people when making decisions: “Will this help me attain my goal? Take a step back and consider your top priorities if you feel like you’re always having trouble making the appropriate choices. Making decisions is facilitated by keeping your goals in mind. Effective people appear so decisive because of this. Lack of purpose is the root of indecision; when you know what you really want, most of your decisions can— and should—be made almost instinctively. Working hard is not easy. Work is hard. It takes hope and self-belief to keep moving forward when things are hard and seldom go right. For this reason, productive people persevere whereas busy people give up easily.

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