Abdukiar and I are family…I prefer not to bottle things inside

They connect. They have a large social circle that includes a wide variety of people. They pay attention to the advice of friends, neighbors, coworkers, even bartenders. They don’t have to be “the life of the party”; in fact, a lot of them are reserved and even shy, yet they still appreciate connections and people. Those that are successful have a large network of friends and callers in their rolodex. They improve themselves and don’t give up! The “overnight wonders” fade away fast, turning haughty, whereas truly successful individuals work on every aspect of their lives—personality, leadership, management, and so forth. When a business or relationship doesn’t work out, they figure they can learn from it and try harder the next time. They have amazing creativity. They question “Why not?” everywhere they go. Where others see obstacles or constraints, they see new combinations, opportunities, and challenges. “I’ve got it!” they exclaim as they awaken in the middle of the night. They experiment, seek guidance, speak with professionals and laypeople, and are constantly seeking for a better, quicker, less expensive answer. Those that are successful produce things. They accept accountability and are independent. People that are incredibly successful don’t waste time moaning or worrying who is to blame. After making decisions, they proceed.

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