I have a hope to find Kalkidan Tibebu

To help you become the best version of yourself, pick a role model who you are familiar with. You can develop as a person and mature with the assistance of a known role model. They may offer direction and counsel, as well as practical examples of how to reach your greatest potential. Determine the negative facets of your personality or your poor behaviors. These are the aspects of yourself that you dislike or would like to change, and they are crucial in figuring out the changes you want to make. Make a list of the essential qualities you hope to acquire. Make a list of your goals, both personally and professionally. Boost your self-assurance. Try to have confidence in yourself as a person when you begin to think about how you can select a role model. Selecting a role model is meant to inspire you to improve yourself. To become whoever you want to be, you have to believe in yourself and your potential. Find individuals that possess the same attributes that you hope to attain. Consider the people who inspire you if you want to be an inspirational person. You may be surrounded by excellent role models. These folks are excellent candidates to serve as your role models because they might have a greater influence on you and possibly even serve as mentors.

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