An interview with model Wubalem

Instead, they recognize that everyone is on their own journey and that a person’s actions, whether they be passive aggressive, short, impolite, or cruel, are a reflection of their own feelings, not those of others. Since everyone is trying their hardest, genuinely nice and powerful women may treat others with compassion and maintain a sense of self-awareness. Their awareness of their surroundings, other people, and oneself keeps them alert. In essence, they are self-reflecting and observing. rather than passing judgment and assigning blame. Making wise decisions is made possible by the insight this provides. They can start letting go of things that are no longer helping them and hold onto the behaviors, ideas, objects, people, and job that are. They are acutely aware that it is their responsibility to manifest the kind of life they choose and that they are capable of doing so. They practice self-compassion. It’s very normal for kids to feel depressed or upset with themselves, but they move on. Instead of letting themselves beat themselves up for hours or days, they decide to learn from what happened and practice kindness and self-compassion. They gave it up.

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