Iftar program at Bellevue Hotel And Spa

During Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, Iftar, or the breaking of the fast, is one of the most important moments of the day. Throughout this month, Muslims who observe the fast will refrain from eating, drinking, or touching anything that might come in contact with their hands from sunrise to sunset. Due to the lunar nature of the Islamic calendar, Ramadan falls on a slightly different day every year. The fast during Ramadan is shorter in the winter and longer and more rigorous in the summer. Every day of Ramadan at sunset comes Iftar, the main meal of the fasting day. Usually, the first break of the fast consists of a date and a glass of water or another beverage, like milk or fruit juice, rather than a substantial meal. Following the breaking of the first fast, attendees will take five to fifteen minutes for prayer before returning to partake in a bigger, more substantial dinner-style meal. Fasting is seen as a means of atoning for sins and a period of mental, physical, and spiritual cleansing. As breaking the fast is commemorated at Iftar, many people, organizations, mosques, and community centers will host gatherings in honor of the belief that feeding a person who is fasting would result in a great reward from God.

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