Betel and Bethelehem with their gold medals

There are a lot of reasons why asking for assistance can feel challenging. We may think we can manage things on our own, fear rejection, or worry that we’re bothering other people. However, there are several reasons why it’s crucial that we ask for assistance when we need it. It can strengthen our relationships with others, improve our health, and serve as a reminder that we’re not alone. Being the one to offer assistance also has a lot of advantages. There are a number of reasons why asking for assistance can feel challenging, and these reasons are frequently unique to each individual. Some may refuse to ask for assistance out of a sense of burdensomeness or a fear of wasting their time. Additionally, they could think that helping them is a waste of time for others. This anxiety frequently prevents people from reaching out to friends, relatives, or coworkers. People who have poor self-esteem frequently become hard on themselves and find it difficult to see why anyone would want to help them. This is frequently the result of an ingrained belief that one is unworthy of assistance from others. Some people believe that if they don’t explicitly ask for assistance, others will figure it out. When someone is struggling and feels unheard, it can sometimes result in frustration and loneliness.

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