The news is all false news…here is the truth

Silent suffering can be harmful to our health and lead to feelings of burnout, loneliness, tension, and exhaustion. In addition to relieving some of these stresses, asking for and accepting support from others can provide us with more time and space to devote to taking care of our health.Gaining confidence in our ability to ask for assistance from others can have a good effect on our interpersonal connections by making us feel heard and increasing the likelihood that our emotional needs will be addressed. This good dynamic is very different from some of the bad inclinations (over-giving, for example) that we discussed previously. Furthermore, having wholesome social connections in which both parties are at ease offering and receiving assistance. Gaining confidence and self-worth can be facilitated by asking for and accepting encouragement from others. This is due to the fact that it subverts self-limiting ideas such as the notion that one is unworthy of respect or competence. Your confidence and sense of worth are likely to increase as you progressively gain comfort in asking for assistance. And keep in mind, even if your attempt to get assistance is unsuccessful, attempt not to let this get to you; instead, let it strengthen your resilience. Although it can be embarrassing or unsettling to hear someone say “no,” it usually only indicates that they aren’t able to assist you at this time or due to other obligations; it doesn’t signify anything against you.

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