I will have a new album after Easter

Asking for aid might occasionally be impeded by concerns related to trust. You can think that people aren’t trustworthy enough to assist you, that they won’t follow through, or that they might even tell others what you tell them. To put your sense of value on what other people think of you is to be co-dependent. Codependents frequently put the needs of others before their own needs are ever met. They can think that those around them are dealing with their own issues and don’t need assistance, so they feel unable to ask friends or partners for assistance. It’s critical to be able to reach out and acknowledge when you need help, whether that means doing so to prevent injuring yourself when lifting a heavy piece of furniture or seeking support and direction to go through challenges that are harming your mental health. And in contrast to what is commonly believed, it shows strength rather than weakness. According to research, feeling grateful and more connected to those around us can result from sharing issues and asking for help. These things can also increase pleasure and reduce worry.

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