Helen and her husband got an apology finally

There are obstacles in life for everyone to overcome, but some people seem more resilient than others. They have the capacity to overcome obstacles and prosper in the face of difficulty. The resilience is the cause of this. However, I’ve always made an effort to keep a positive attitude and persevere in the face of challenges. I have been able to develop from my experiences and conquer adversity because of my inner strength. The capacity to adjust to and manage the difficulties of life, to overcome hardship and emerge stronger on the other side, is resilience. When faced with challenges, resilient people are able to keep a positive attitude, remain goal-focused, and stay motivated. They have an innate resilience that enables them to rise above hardship and learn from their mistakes. In times of crisis and uncertainty, resilience plays a crucial role in maintaining mental health and wellbeing. Employees that exhibit resilience are more likely to succeed in their positions and are better able to handle stress and unpredictability.

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