People that showed the existence of real love

Even if you still use dating apps, you hardly ever swipe right these days. Or you can run into a cute person at a pub with whom you’ve flirted in the past, but all you can think about at the moment is how that clothing would have looked better on your significant other. Even if you might still find attractive people around you, you’re just human, and one way to tell whether you’re in love is if you don’t want to pursue it further. Anyone who has the opportunity to spend time with them makes you a little envious. We’re not talking about the toxic, destructive kind of jealously that destroys relationships; rather, this is more of a mild dissatisfaction that someone else has any sort of claim on your partner, be it through employment, his buddies, or anything else. You miss your partner when they’re not around, not because you don’t want them to have their own life—in fact, you probably wouldn’t want to be linked at the hip. When expressed in moderation, this is a fairly typical and entirely normal feeling that might help determine whether there’s still spark between you two. They provide the impression that everything is more cheerful. The answer is most likely yes if you’re wondering, “Am I in love?” and everything feels better than it did before you met them. The release of hormones such as oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin from your brain is enhanced when you fall in love, and these chemicals improve your overall happiness and mood.

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