An interview with Alex from zero degree

One of the best ways to increase productivity is to ask for assistance from others when you’re having trouble with a task. This might be anything from approaching a coworker for assistance on a job task to seeking assistance with a computer problem. Research indicates that learning to ask for help and overcoming barriers such as pride, ego, or fear of what others might think can significantly impact one’s productivity and accomplishments. Make sure to express your needs clearly. It’s crucial to keep in mind that while the specifics of your circumstance will be evident to you, they might not necessarily be to others when you ask for assistance. Think about who you should ask for assistance from. A lot of the time, who you ask for support from will depend on your particular circumstances. Think carefully about your needs and possible best people to assist you. For instance, you might want to talk to a trusted friend or family member if you need relationship guidance, a coworker if you need advise on your career, or a health professional if you’re having mental health issues. By considering this in advance, you can improve your chances of getting the assistance you need.

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