Mother and son Meselu and Dagim

To be in love might be simple for some people and difficult for others to define. According to my observations, it may be an indication that you are in love when you meet someone who changes your priorities. Additionally, you’ll permit yourself to lower your defenses and let people “see” you authentically, even during your most trying times. Because they make you feel safe, being with them makes you feel both eager and at ease at the same time. You want to express your ideas and learn about other viewpoints, opinions, and insights. You take into consideration the impact of your words and deeds on others because you genuinely care about their feelings. Likewise, the opposite is true. When it comes to falling in love, there is no normal. It might range from two weeks to two years, depending on how accessible and honest you both are. If you are not naturally receptive to experiencing love, you will never be able to feel it for someone else. Being vulnerable with someone else is the finest approach to let someone into your heart. You will eventually find someone to love and who will love you back if you let that happen.

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