A semi permanent makeup that stays 2-3 years

For people who are bored of drawing on their eyebrows or who are suffering thinning eyebrows as a result of aging or medical treatments, microblading or combo brows/magic shadow is a terrific option. An initial consultation, your treatment, and a follow-up session four weeks later are all included in the total cost of this procedure. The procedure entails brow mapping, application, numbing, and color consultation. Lip blushing is a semi-permanent lip cosmetic that adds definition and the appearance of fullness while enhancing the attractiveness of the natural lip color. It enhances lip form and, if necessary, can assist repair asymmetry or even a dark lip color. This treatment involves using a special permanent makeup machine pen to deposit pigment into the lips, creating layers of color. Pigment (color) is applied immediately below the base of the epidermis and the top layer of the second layer of skin in semi-permanent makeup. Ideal for anyone who wishes to look put together every day but isn’t interested in having the same appearance for the rest of their life. The discernible pigment gradually diminishes and vanishes within a maximum of three years. The newest methods make it possible to get incredibly natural-looking outcomes. Soft colors that range from a somewhat dark hue to a lipstick-like look are used to stain the lips. Semi-permanent makeup lips have an average two-year lifespan. It looks like your eyebrows are powder-colored, much fuller.

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