I have received my mom and dad’s love

Avoiding difficult problems will keep you stuck, whether it’s a promotion to a leadership position or an awkward conversation you need to have with a friend. Take baby steps toward facing your concerns and you’ll develop self-confidence. They Have No Fear of Violating the Laws. Many girls learn early on the value of being courteous and well-mannered. However, it’s the disobedient that bring about global change. They Don’t Lower Others in Order to Boost Their Own Status. It could be alluring to attempt to improve your own standing by drawing attention to the shortcomings of others. However, those who truly thrive in life are the ones who are true cheerleaders. If you allow it, other people have the power to limit your potential. This includes those who have told you that you’ll never amount to anything or who have rejected you for a promotion. When you have confidence in yourself, you won’t let rejection or criticism hold you back. They Accept Responsibility for Their Own Mistakes. Even though it’s critical to take ownership of your mistakes, harboring toxic self-blame is counterproductive. It is far more beneficial to admit “I made a bad choice” than to believe “I am a bad person.”

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