I met the robot who grew up with milk and honey

Although lying is regrettably widespread in many relationships, dishonesty is often frowned upon. Though evidence indicates that lying less is associated with better marriages, some couples feel they must lie in order to live. It’s crucial to have trust while selecting a life mate. Seek for someone who is honest about their feelings and whose behavior matches their words. Being with someone who is willing to be up to you about their thoughts and feelings—even if it means disclosing that they are attracted to someone else—is preferable to keeping those conversations taboo or off-limits, which can breed concealment. It’s beneficial for you to get to know your partner well, even if the truth hurts to hear. A person who withholds parts of themselves is free to go. Respect is among the most important characteristics to search for in a mate. You can feel confident in your relationship and autonomous in yourself when you find someone who supports you in being who you are. When someone supports you in doing what brings you joy and lights you up, it’s simple to feel loved. When you exhibit self-destructive attitudes and habits, this same person might be willing to confront you. This tuned-in style of communication is considerate and respectful of your identity apart from your spouse. You may truly share life with someone you love and who shows interest in the things you are passionate about, all the while pursuing your own interests.

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