Being kind pays a donation from artist Berhanu

You get a neurochemical sensation of reward when you help others, which elevates your mood. When you act kindly toward another person, your body releases endorphins and happy hormones that promote feelings of happiness. You might also assist yourself forget about your personal issues by concentrating on the needs of others. You get a sense of purpose when you assist others. One of the best ways to give your life significance is to help others and improve the lives of others. Research indicates that serving others improves your feeling of identity and purpose, especially if you are no longer in a role that defines your life, like a parent or work. You see yourself differently when you serve others because it makes you feel good. Those who volunteer report feeling more confident in themselves than those who don’t. This specific benefit rises with consistency: your confidence and sense of self-worth grow the more often you volunteer. Both acute and chronic pain symptoms can be lessened by helping others. You can lessen whatever suffering you go through by acting altruistically. The experience of assisting others seems to quickly deactivate the area of the brain that responds to painful stimulus.

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