My mom gave her life for me…but lost everybody

Assist them with their academic abilities. Assist them in organizing their personal tasks and obligations at home and in the community in addition to their academic obligations. Recognize your child’s areas of great interest and expand upon them. If the gifted child wants to specialize early, then let him. Living with dinosaurs has ancillary benefits as well; among them are the potential to learn research techniques, note-taking and record-keeping skills, and the Dewey Decimal System alongside Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Promote creativity. Assist them in completing their task and congratulate them on creating “the only one in the whole world.” Take delight in your unique and imaginative work. Recognize when your child is attempting to control you. Talented kids are frequently quite adept at this. Maintain your position. All sisters and brothers need discipline, which is a must for a peaceful home life. Being gifted is not a justification for improper conduct. Talk things out with him whenever you can when there has been a disciplinary infraction. Compared to many children, he is far more receptive to reasoned arguments and typically possesses a strong sense of responsibility. It is important to emphasize the value of good books, magazines, and other learning resources like encyclopedias, charts, and collections in the home.

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