The 9 years old scientist…his thoughts

Whatever his talent, the gifted child is still a child. That child has to be allowed to run about, play, laugh, and dream like other kids. Parenting a brilliant child is still difficult, but it gets easier when the parent understands the school is a supportive partner. Give the teacher a call and let them know if you have any unique concerns. Children with gifts are still children. They require parental participation along with self-reliance and responsibility training, as well as affection but with restraint, attention and discipline. Choose a few of your child’s good traits and highlight them. Ten times as often as possible, try to talk about the positive aspects. Children with talent are highly perceptive. Avoid comparing your talented youngster to other kids. That implies that the gifted person has an ongoing obligation to live up to that standard. Every youngster is special and unique in their own way. Pay attention to your intelligent child. The phone may be ringing and dinner may be about to burn, but pay attention the question might be significant. The curiosity to inquire might vanish if it is ignored. Thank your talented child for trying. Congratulate him on his amazing accomplishments and give him credit for attempting even if his grand experiment does not turn out as planned.

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