I am not broken and sad…people cry when they see me

One of the most emotionally taxing and difficult events in life can be a breakup or divorce. Whether you wanted it or not, and regardless of the reason for the breakup, ending a relationship may cause all kinds of unpleasant and uncomfortable feelings and turn your entire world upside down. A divorce or breakup may be very painful even when the relationship is no longer healthy since it signifies the loss of not only the partnership but also the goals and commitments you had together. Beginnings of romantic partnerships are marked by anticipation and optimism for the future. We feel deep sadness, tension, and disappointment when a relationship ends. Divorce or separation throws you into unfamiliar waters. Take a moment to yourself. Permit yourself to experience suboptimal feelings and to perform below par for a while. For a short while, you might not be able to care for people or be as effective at work as you usually are to. Take some time to recover, reorganize, and regain your energy. Nobody is Superman or Supergirl. Don’t handle this by yourself. You can get over this phase by talking to friends and relatives about your feelings. If you’re in a similar circumstance, think about talking to others by joining a support group.

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