Causes of heel and feet pain and treatment

Nerve compression, alterations in the skeleton, and inflammation can all cause heel discomfort. It happens where the Achilles tendon attaches to the heel bone, either behind or beneath the heel. It may occasionally impact the heel’s side. Plantar fasciitis is the term for pain felt beneath the heel. The most typical reason for heel pain is this. Achilles tendinitis causes discomfort behind the heel. The outside or inside side of the foot and heel may also hurt. Heel discomfort usually goes away on its own; however, on occasion, it may continue and develop into a chronic condition. Heel discomfort can result from a single event, like a twist or tumble, or from the heel being pounded and stressed repeatedly. Additionally, wearing flat shoes can stretch the plantar fascia, resulting in pain and discomfort when the area swells or gets irritated. This is a plantar fascia inflammatory response. A robust ligament that resembles a bowstring, the plantar fascia extends from the heel bone, or calcaneum, to the tip of the foot. People commonly experience this kind of pain as a result of their foot anatomy. For instance, plantar fasciitis may result from abnormally high or low arches. The bursa, a fluid-filled fibrous sac behind the heel, is a possible site of inflammation.

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