I found my sister after a long time

Grief can be triggered by even little losses in life. You might experience grief, for instance, if you move away from home, graduate from college, or change careers. Whatever your loss, accept that it’s particular to you and don’t feel bad about how you’re feeling or that you should only be grieving for specific things. Grieving over a lost person, animal, relationship, or circumstance is normal, especially if it held special meaning for you. Regardless of the reason behind your sorrow, there exist constructive methods to manage the agony that, with time, might lessen your melancholy and assist you in accepting your loss, discovering fresh purpose, and ultimately moving on with your life. We might also imagine the grieving process as a roller coaster, with highs and lows, rather than a sequence of stages. Similar to many roller coasters, the ride usually starts out harder and has longer, deeper lows. Over time, the tough times should get easier and shorter, but grieving a loss takes time to process. We can still feel intense grief years after a loss, particularly on significant occasions like a family wedding or a child’s birth.

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