We surprised Serawit and his family for Easter

Determine the scripts, or patterns, that you follow in your life, such as the way you conduct team meetings or spend time with your spouse after work. Ascertain how you can meaningfully depart from these scripts. For instance, you review the agenda for your weekly HR meeting and choose to include a calculated surprise: Give each member of your team a “new hire” job and ask them questions about sustaining work-life balance and offering advise to their “new teams” when they interview them. Your team members get together at the end of the hour to talk about your fresh perspectives. You’ve improved the experience and given your team members a memorable moment by deviating from the agenda for your usual meeting. Consider a hotel at the airport that accommodates travelers arriving and departing the city for business. It’s not very interesting: There isn’t even a pool, the décor is boring, and there aren’t any neighboring attractions. However, because they capitalize on delight, this particular hotel frequently receives excellent feedback from visitors. The receptionist asks you what your favorite drink is when you check in.

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