Katelo challenge with Dagim and Roba

I believe that it is impossible to define love using language, particularly our language.It’s not something that my vocabulary could possibly define. Adults frequently interpret these declarations of love by blaming sulky teenagers for being unable to regulate their hormones and, consequently, their emotions. We’ve been dating for two years and have been friends for five. “Even before we started dating, everyone knew that we liked each other because our parents were family friends. Everyone knew he was asking me out when we started dating. I do believe that occasionally, particularly given our youth, there are certain things that people don’t really comprehend. Remarkably, her parents got together and started dating at a similar age as Allie and Matthew. This in itself creates a more tolerant atmosphere for these long-term relationships at the age of 14; nonetheless, even among the most progressive intellectuals, this youthful display of dedication arouses both suspicion and admiration. How is it possible for such young people to be so in love? The notion that love is ageless, distance-insensitive, and unbounded gets confused and lost. attaches great importance to the bonds formed in the four years a person spends in a high school before becoming an adult.

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