Melat interview with question from fans

Seeking the “silver bullet” frequently sends us down the route of wishful thinking. Though it’s rare, our dreams of quick success and simple achievements are rarely realized. Relentless attention and hard work are necessary for true achievement. You must make a plan, commit to carrying it out every day, and set specific goals. Dedication and perseverance are essential. Keep your eyes on your goals, and every step you take will pave the way for your success.
Establish precise, measurable goals. Set objectives that will motivate you to overcome challenges if you want to genuinely change your life. Ambitious goals such as “I want to be rich” don’t have the depth or drive necessary to lead to significant advancements. Rather, define your success in terms of measurable goals that advance both your own development and the larger good. For example, you may choose to commit yourself to raising the literacy rates in marginalized areas. In this situation, you may develop a concrete objective, such as starting a tutoring program that is run entirely by volunteers. You can focus your efforts in a direction that is both impactful and clear by using this method. Modify your perspective. You’re going to run into some roadblocks as you work toward your objectives. Here’s where shifting your perspective might be beneficial.

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