Should you use coffee or other caffeine products

Nowadays, caffeine is a common component in skin care products that include face masks, cellulite-fighting lotions, under-eye serums, and more. Here’s what the marketing hype about it “waking up” your skin truly implies. shields the skin from harm. As an antioxidant, caffeine is known to shield skin from the damaging effects of free radical molecules, which degrade collagen and result in wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of sagging, sallow skin. These days, antioxidants are very popular in skin care. “Pollution and UV radiation cause free radical damage to your skin, but antioxidants can help prevent some of that damage.” Due to its vasoconstrictor properties, caffeine causes the blood vessels to tighten or constrict. This therefore lessens blood flow to the skin, giving the appearance of smoother, brighter skin like a real-life Instagram filter for your face! De-puffs bags beneath the eyes. Get up feeling extremely hungover? Simply didn’t get enough rest the night before? Using a caffeinated substance could be the solution to lessen the visibility of under-eye bags and dark circles that accompany overall fatigue. This is due to its potential to aid in microcirculation, which narrows blood vessels and helps momentarily lessen skin redness. Bid farewell, at least temporarily, to the shadowy areas beneath your eyes.

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