I haven’t been working for many years I need help

There are many different reasons why we can find it difficult to ask for help. First of all, anxieties about asking for help are common. These include thoughts of coming across as helpless or weak, fears of rejection, and fears of burdening other people. She continues, “Most of these fears are unfounded.” Furthermore, according to some study, people frequently misjudge the degree to which others are motivated to serve their own interests. This misapprehension can cause one to conclude that people aren’t motivated to assist us. Cultural norms may also be relevant. “Self-reliance is the guiding principle in most Western societies, including the US. While this can be beneficial, like anything, you can take it too far. Of course, asking for help might still be difficult for societies that lean collectivist. The issue with many of these groups is that you are expected to put the needs of the group above your own, and asking for individual assistance may give the impression that you are doing precisely that. To put it another way, the majority of us could definitely use a little assistance in this area. How to improve your ability to ask for assistance when you need it. Whatever the reason for your reluctance to ask for assistance, learning to be at ease in this situation is a valuable life skill that is unquestionably attainable. First and foremost, humans are social creatures. We yearn for interpersonal connection.

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