I wish she could have been here…she bought me a gold

It can take a lot of time to become popular, so be careful not to get caught up in its gimmicks. Rather, make an effort to remain focused on the talents that brought you praise. Though you might now be a celebrity in your own right, keep in mind that it’s these particular accomplishments that truly motivate your followers. Instead of focusing on your music or popular makeup techniques, you should focus on maintaining your fame because that will prevent you from getting distracted by the excitement of continued success. Allow your work to excite you, and your supporters and admirers will come to value these aspects more than the labor you do to maintain your public persona. Your abilities are a gift that the world has given you. Take pride in them and enjoy them, but remember to maintain your sense of reality. It can be very alluring for the power-hungry part of us to see ourselves as inflated in comparison to others. This mindset can lead to you treating people poorly without even realizing it. Remember to be grateful for all the opportunities you have; don’t take them for granted. Be prepared to give back and assist others who may benefit from your experience with fame. One famous person even went so far as to ask a magazine to take pictures of her without makeup or retouching in order to demonstrate to readers that the ideal of perfection is only an illusion.

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