My wife is my rest…journalist Yonas Kebede

Go on dates with non-famous individuals. You can stay out of the public eye and prevent a great deal of gossip and intense interest in your personal life by dating people who are not superstars. You can also stay grounded in the view of celebrity from the outside by dating someone who is not famous.
Alternatively, you may make it a point to attend significant events by yourself. Try keeping your dating life completely private if you are sensitive to the media tracking your relationships, which can be quite difficult. It may be hard for you to understand what other people think of being famous if you have been well-known for a long period or if you were well-known from an early age. Understanding this will enable you to react more poisedly by enabling you to better comprehend how people treat you. Pre-adolescents, for instance, are said to place a higher value on fame than any other future prospects. This implies that you have a highly sought-after function for this age group and a chance to tell young people who are very interested about the facts of your experience. It takes very little to damage your reputation with a single slip-up, angry remark, or careless behavior. Spend a few minutes establishing a cordial relationship with a fan; if you are somewhat transparent when in public, most will show consideration for your personal time.

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