The wife of artist Grum Ermias gave us a tour to their home

Establish personal boundaries. You will have to say “no” to situations that you would like to stick with because of the high demands of fame. For example, if you attend an event, be explicit about how long you will answer questions and whether you want people to talk to you afterwards. If you politely set the agenda, people will follow. This is far preferable to keeping your ideas a secret and then having to avoid interacting with enthusiastic supporters. Recall that some celebrities make it a point never to respond to questions concerning their personal lives, and you are never required to. Refrain from looking up your name on Google. Searching for your name on Google will yield the typical mixed bag of flattering remarks and harsh criticism. Because humans are so vulnerable to rejection and social exclusion, we have a tendency to concentrate on the bad things that other people say about us. Use caution when searching online, and avoid dwelling too long on unfavorable news. Make sure everything you share on social media is politically proper if you plan to use it as a major publicity tool. People will be quite interested in talking about your personality and other personal qualities if you make controversial statements.

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