I was raised in a catholic monastery

One of the most important components of every relationship is frequently thought to be communication. Usually, bigger disputes arise when people are unable to resolve smaller ones cooperatively. For example, complaints over perceived slights or ignorance of them will usually just fester. What was previously thought to be a small issue might become out of control if it is suppressed. They may feel too big to handle if ignored. A dreadful pattern of neglecting little issues could start to dominate the partnership. Strive to bring attention to issues that need to be addressed in order to counter this. Things we keep hidden from our spouses and from our own minds frequently serve no one’s interests. These problems can be resolved if they are positively and constructively discussed. Stuckness or even a fear of regressing personally can be major sources of marital discontent. Couples may believe that in order to keep their relationship intact, they have to give up certain facets of who they are or their aspirations. They may also find it difficult to find time for their own interests and passions, or they may believe that putting oneself first is less important. In order to create a relationship that endures, self-improvement might be a crucial component. Taking up a new activity, attempting novel experiences, and focusing on personal development can all help one feel more comfortable in a relationship.

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