I thank God for the things I have and I don’t have

List three things for which you are thankful each day. People. Nature. Community. Take cover. creature luxuries, such as a nice lunch or a comfortable bed. When you make gratitude your main focus, you’ll be amazed at what you discover. Begin keeping a gratitude diary. It is more probable that we will notice nice things as they happen if we make a commitment to write down good things every day. Develop rituals of thankfulness. Before a meal, some individuals say the grace. It’s not necessary to be religious to express appreciation before eating. It’s an easy habit that aids in awareness. and recognize the gift of having food on the table. There are times when you just feel grateful for everything, no matter what. Hold on. Take note of and let that sensation of sincere, real thankfulness sink in. Give it time to register. Take it all in. Cherish your blessings as they come to you. Being grateful goes beyond being kind or being nice. It’s about expressing your sincere gratitude. Expressing thanks to someone entails putting the first two abilities of gratitude into practice: recognizing and expressing genuine appreciation for something positive. Express your gratitude to someone who went above and beyond. Say something like: “It was really kind of you to…,” “It really helped me out when you…,” “You did me a big favor when…,” “Thank you for listening when…,” “I really appreciated it when you taught me…,” and “Thank you for being there when….” Another option is to express your gratitude in writing.

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