How to make your brow henna that can last a month

In actuality, henna is a very ancient technique that has been used for hundreds of years to apply color to the skin and hair. The henna used for eyebrows is formulated differently from that used for hair coloring, and it has been skillfully crafted to leave a natural stain on the skin and hairs, assisting brow artists in creating exquisitely defined and formed brows. The brow henna is available in a variety of tones that may be blended together to create natural-looking effects that complement your skin tone and hair color. Although many people still connect henna with the color red, formulas have evolved over time to ensure that no undesired red tint is left on my brows. Your henna brow treatment often leaves your skin looking great for up to two weeks, and your hair looking great for up to six weeks. This does, however, rely on a number of variables, including how frequently you swim or perspire, how much oil your skin produces, how often you exfoliate your skin naturally, and whether you spend a lot of time in the sun or on sun beds. Henna brows have the wonderful quality of gently fading, so you don’t have to worry about them going away all of a sudden after a few days!

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