My shoes became part of the corridor development

The unpleasant parts of job don’t go away just because you avoid them. After you’ve finished the fun parts of a job, building up a big chunk of the nasty stuff to deal with all at once will just leave you with a terrible taste in your mouth. Create a list. The advantages of seeing your work in front of you and marking it off as you complete it cannot be overstated when it comes to preventing procrastination. Each list has to be sufficiently lengthy to maintain perspective over your workload, but not so lengthy as to make your days feel unbearably taxing. One strategy is to break up your seemingly overwhelming activity into smaller, more manageable pieces, then mix the less fun parts of the task into the things you actually enjoy. Completing the work you start is important. Even if you never want to look at the project again, finishing one will teach you exponentially more than a dozen failed attempts. There are times when you’ll find yourself buried in work that seems, after a week of labor, to be misdirected in its purpose. Sometimes it’s necessary to reevaluate whether you’re making the most of your time, especially if the project has a timeframe that will demand a significant amount of your time going forward. Sincere reflection and awareness of oneself.

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