A birthday surprise for artist Makida Afework

The opportunity to genuinely recognize and value someone for who they are is my favorite aspect about surprise parties. Their favorite pastimes, endearing eccentricities, and/or interests seem to be the central topic of their party, in my opinion. Organize a “bring-your-own-board” gathering! Your guest of honor will be pleased with any of the countless possibilities available to them, provided it’s something they enjoy. These entertaining party ideas are a great place to start if you’re struggling for inspiration. Decorations are essential to creating a magical atmosphere for any surprise party, regardless of location! Additionally, it doesn’t have to be hard to put together a breathtaking scene that will wow the honored visitor. Consider what they already enjoy, such as their favorite colors, the artwork they have up on the wall, oddball mementos they have like a snow globe with a rainbow unicorn inside (I love color), etc. Take inspiration from these for the little things. It’s safe to assume that they would enjoy a pink overload party if their apartment is completely decorated in pink. Include a donut-themed item in the party décor if they have donut-themed pillows, mugs, and magnets throughout the house. Making the seemingly little details about them is the idea.

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