Comedian Dereje said this about his mother

I stand in his room for a time, taking in the dim light. examining the shadows cast on his adorable tiny face. He seemed to be sleeping in such peace. My heart begins to beat a little quicker. A warm rush enters my chest. In my tummy, butterflies flutter, and love seeps through every crevice. My heart feels like it might burst. I was just thinking, “Wow! I adore this little boy so much. I stooped to pick Reindeer up off the ground. I want him to still need Reindeer, but at seven I’m not sure if he truly needs it as much. Still, I tenderly slip him under the covers next to my beloved boy. He is maturing quickly. I stand there, unable to move, and take it all in. I really want to squeeze him, I’m so in love with him! “I never thought it was possible to love someone so much,” I hear myself saying. My mind starts to stray. I attempt to picture the kind of person he will eventually fall in love with. What kind of connection they will have. “There’s no way that person could ever love you as much as I do!” is what I hear right away. At this same moment, I become aware that a Monster-in-Law is rising someplace, deep within me. To be quite honest, I’m taken aback.

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