I didn’t remove my scar because it is why I am thankful

Friends and family. adoration. Wellness. freedom from calamities like natural wars. creativity. Community. a roof over our heads. Common courtesy. Wishful. Chance. Recollections. steadiness in finances. favorite locations. days off from the office. pleasant conditions. the heyday of television. Books. Soundtrack. cream ice cream. weekends. a cordial conversation. Something positive occurred today. A negative event that did not occur today. a satisfying cup of coffee. Even if there aren’t all the things you desire or require on either our lists, there are still likely a ton, if not a container ship’s worth, of material and intangible goods for which you are thankful. It’s always possible for things to get better or worse. Often, it’s all about how you view that figurative “glass of water.” Find simple ways to list your blessings more frequently than, say, over Thanksgiving dinner to improve your sense of gratitude and get its health advantages. Your general enjoyment of life will rise if you maintain a constant state of gratitude at the forefront of your thoughts. Strive to be more thankful for both the significant and insignificant things in your life that bring you happiness and fulfillment. You will gain by acknowledging even a small number of them every day, and there are strategies to develop that habit. The most evident advantage of expressing thankfulness may be its strong correlation with happier emotions in both the giver and the recipient.

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