You asked the late prime minister this question

Despite its intense competition, journalism plays a vital role in society. If you’ve developed a strong interest in journalism, you undoubtedly want to succeed in your area by giving it your all. You can become a competent journalist with a little effort and a positive outlook. Writing is the main component of journalism, whether it be an article or a live tweet about a story. You must have a voice as a powerful writer, and the only way to do that is to write. Writing on a daily basis gives you practice and boosts your confidence, both of which are essential for being a successful writer. To write clean copy, you must be able to edit and proofread your work. To ensure that you don’t misspell words, use a spellchecker and proofread your writing to make sure there are no errors. Make sure the article has been revised and edited, but also make sure your word processor isn’t set up to display comments or modifications. Make sure to double-check any homophones and frequently misunderstood words that spellcheck may miss. Learn the Associated Press style guide by heart. To get better at grammar, use websites like Grammar Bytes and Purdue’s OWL.

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