I think i will be wearing a trouser for my wedding

There is a choice between following the broad path and the small way. You have two choices in life: give in to what society expects of you or have the guts to stay loyal to who you are over time. Maintaining a strong sense of self in the face of frequent distractions from the media and social norms is undoubtedly difficult. But being who you are is the first step towards realizing your greatest potential in life. Knowing your beliefs and the principles you live by is essential to being authentic. You will adopt the ideals and viewpoints of others who are not you. You are creating your own sense of identity when you can stand on a firm foundation of who you are. You will always know who you are, no matter what occurs in your life. You will occasionally feel disoriented or lost, but if you are true to yourself, you will be able to find your way back. Without creating your own identity, it’s simple to become conformist and lose who you are. Making the decision to follow the path that deviates from the norm requires a great deal of courage. Most individuals choose the broad path since it is the easiest to follow. It’s simple to just go with the flow.

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