She always said she would go any where with me

Strong family ties are facilitated by showing your child warmth, affection, and care. Strong family ties can also be developed through giving positive attention to one another. This is how you demonstrate your admiration and interest in your child and their activities. Fostering positive attention strengthens bonds and demonstrates to your child your availability for their needs. Express your love and pride for your child to them whenever you can, and don’t hesitate to tell them as much. When you speak with your child, make sure to smile and look them in the eyes. When possible, express physical affection. When someone in your family performs a good deed, give them praise and encouragement. “Ben, you worked hard on that science homework. Well done,” for instance. Good and bad news are communicated effectively in strong families. Children can now talk about uncomfortable emotions like bewilderment, humiliation, or embarrassment in a secure environment. Additionally, it makes family members’ bonds stronger with one another. In order to provide everyone in the family an opportunity to voice their opinions and feelings, encourage them to speak and listen to one another. Encourage your child to learn how to communicate their ideas and emotions via language so they will be able to ask for what they want or need. Not only pleasant things or good news, but also emotions such as wrath, shame, grief, or fear should be heard and handled delicately.

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