Tiktoker Bertemiwos bought a house for his mom

While having a focus doesn’t require you to limit your content to a specific genre, it can aid in growing your fan base. Try marketing your business if you are a business owner. If you own a hair salon, for example, you might provide before and after pictures! An alternative strategy would be to concentrate on your ignorance or your hilariously poor performance. To add your hot takes, try stitching or duetting with well-known videos. Since TikTok is a platform that loves original and ridiculous ideas, don’t be afraid to take a risk and try something different. To make your movie easily discoverable, don’t forget to add the same hashtags as the original producer in your content. People frequently click on hashtags to view videos. Check out the hashtag usage of well-known TikToks in their videos, and make an effort to catch up with a trend as soon as you can. #Hashtags are important, especially when participating in challenges, so don’t neglect this step. To view the most recent hashtags, noises, and effects trending on TikTok, choose the Discover button located at the bottom of the app. Popular videos that have made use of a trending hashtag, sound, or topic can be found when you tap on them. You’re more likely to land up on people’s For You pages if you can include any combination of popular topics in one or more of your films.

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