The secret behind the 5 million birr

It should go without saying that parents are always proud of their children for whatever cause, be it your daughter’s first soccer goal or your son’s completion of a challenging reading assignment. But, how you instill that sense of pride in your children is just as significant as their accomplishment. First and foremost, when the time comes, let your child know you’re proud of them. Even if you don’t have to say it every day, kids find great value in hearing their parents provide words of encouragement. Show your joy in your child by praising them for an achievement or expressing your pride in them in a note, card, or drawing that you give them. Discuss the challenges. If your child is having trouble with reading or playing soccer, help him and acknowledge the challenges he is facing. Express your pride that your child is overcoming those obstacles at the same time. Homemade chocolate chip cookies are the epitome of pride and affection. Make a batch of cookies and give one to your child in appreciation for being a wonderful child. Not a confectioner? Instead, reward your child with a cookie from the bakery section of the supermarket. Declare your pride in front of people. Telling your daughter you’re proud of her is one thing.

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