The wedding ceremony where Dawit is the best man

Never overlook the little things. Naturally, when their kid scores a goal or reaches a significant milestone, their parents are happy. But remember to be proud of your child and give positive reinforcement when she accomplishes a minor task, like helping to set the table or reading a book to her younger sister. Read a book to your child that explores emotions. Using a children’s book or story, express your pride. Tell your child that the pride you have is exactly the same as what the characters in the book experience when you have finished reading the novel. Engage in a joint activity. Do something as a family to show your children how pleased you are of them. Enroll the whole family in a one-mile fun run and explain that it’s a family incentive if your children have been working on increasing their physical activity levels. Give them a hug. Being affectionate is always beneficial. A hug can convey your pride in your child in addition to your affection for them. Give your child praise for the tasks they are completing. Acknowledge that the process is a success in and of itself. Express your pride to your son for his efforts in achieving the bigger objective that is still being worked upon.

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