People are suggesting I marry Tigist

The thing that most impressed me about Tim was how at ease I felt in his presence. He put me at ease and made me feel secure. I knew he was watching out for my best interests, so I didn’t fear that he would think less of me. I could show myself to him makeup-free or otherwise. In his company, I could laugh or cry as I pleased. I didn’t think that in order for us to get along or for him to like me, I had to be someone else. I could totally trust Tim, which added to my sense of familiarity with him. The days of meeting your spouse after marriage are long gone. Make the most of the time to get to know your companion. Make sure you spend enough time with them so you can comprehend their daily routines. Your comprehension of how he or she acts toward you and other people will deepen the more time you spend together. This will assist you in selecting a life partner wisely and provide the groundwork for a happy friendship. The essence of a person never changes. You should pay attention to how he acts, whether he is composed, furious, domineering, dismissive, passionate, chivalrous, or self-assured. During your interactions, pay close attention to the specifics.

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