Birthday celebration of artist Mekdes’s children

In our home, birthdays are celebrated like holidays. They are truly unique, and my ultimate objective is to make the person receiving the celebration feel like the most significant person alive! Birthdays aren’t about going overboard with shopping and piling up debt to make the day seem more special, despite all of the excitement. Whatever way you choose to honor your kids, be aware of this… You can forget how much money you spent on making their day extra memorable. They recall their emotions. I recall basic cakes, some from the supermarket and some prepared from scratch. We didn’t act flimsily. Not at all. The ideal toy that we had been searching for was sitting on the end cap next to all the other toys that had been marked down. Upon realizing it, we both chuckled at our good fortune. Knowing that we got off so cheaply made it easy to keep spending, but there was no good reason to. We finally found the ideal gift that we had been looking for. It’s not about the price while choosing the ideal present. Don’t pass judgment if you don’t have enough money or if you believe your kids are being a little too spoiled after all, the price is irrelevant. Give your gift some thought instead of worrying about how much you are spending.

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