My mom was more hurt than me

Even if you want to be a helpful parent to your child, sometimes it feels like the door has been shut on you and you’re doing everything wrong. The more time you spend away and the older they get, the more equal your connection will start to become. their does not preclude you from remaining in touch with them and offering the assistance they require while they undergo their transformation into an adult. Having your child’s best interests at heart while simultaneously being involved, helpful, and present is what it means to be a supportive parent. Establishing a trusting bond with your child is more important for exerting influence over them than giving them a lot of authority or lectures. Although it could seem as though they’re attempting to push you away, what’s really happening is that they’re pushing themselves away from you in order to make a decision about their own lives and establish an identity as a distinct, independent person. Their family’s love, support, faith, and optimism provide them a sense of safety and security and serve as effective defenses against peer pressure, obstacles in life, and setbacks.

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