Night time treatment for dry hands and legs

A person can manage or completely eliminate dry hands using a variety of home remedies. Aloe vera application, moisturizing, and skin protection are a few examples of at-home remedies. The following factors are the main causes of dry hands: weather, environmental irritants, and medical problems. Dry hands, which mainly happen in the winter, are caused by the weather. The body can no longer retain moisture when the temperature gets chilly because the air dries out. Dry hands and skin are a result of the low humidity in the atmosphere. Compared to certain other people, those who wash their hands frequently or use hand sanitizer frequently, such doctors and nurses, are more likely to have dry hands. Commercial moisturizers come in a variety of designs specifically for the hands. After every wash, one should apply a moisturizing cream to their hands to assist the skin regain its natural moisture content. Additionally, a number of oils—like coconut oil—may have comparable effects. In addition to burning skin, the sun can cause other, more serious health issues. The hands should be shielded from prolonged sun exposure just like the rest of the body. Using a high-quality sunblock to protect your hands can help keep the sun from drying them out.

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