Why is Efren out to the street again

It can be difficult for many women to communicate their own sentiments, particularly if they were not taught how to do so by an adult when they were younger. You must identify your sentiments before you can start to communicate them. The first step in teaching your child how to express their feelings is to assist them in learning words that accurately convey their emotions. Try to assist your youngster in naming any emotions they are having trouble identifying. Another great way to help kids build their vocabulary about feelings is to read them stories that discuss a variety of emotions. Children can feel more comfortable talking about their feelings when they are informed that what they are experiencing is normal. Telling kids that their feelings are valid even if you wouldn’t feel the same way can also be beneficial. It’s understandable that your sadness stems from missing your companion. Instruct your kids to communicate their emotions through language. You can assist them by modeling this for them, but it will take a lot of time and practice. Additionally, provide your kids with many opportunities to express themselves via writing, dance, painting, and physical activity.

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