The arc of covenant is with me….Ehitemariam

As a result, they become proactive, involved, open to trying new things, and eager to figure out how to accomplish the changes they want in their lives. They don’t believe in fate and they don’t attribute their world’s problems to bad luck. They search for a solution to improve the situation. They have the same possibility of experiencing failures as everyone else since luck is arbitrary. Their response is what’s unique. When something goes wrong, they search for solutions fast. They don’t moan or feel sorry for themselves or blame it on “bad luck.” They attempt to move on with their lives as best they can, taking what they can from the experience to prevent or fix it the next time. From a longer angle, random chance is exactly that random. However, people who believe they are unluckier tend to focus more on isolated incidents of misfortune, persuading themselves that their perception is accurate. Your center of control is not inherited. Somehow, you picked it up. Make a change if it’s not working for you. This kind of thinking is what will alter your course in life. Keep in mind that your mind expands to contain whatever you focus on. It’s probable that you’re wondering if you can reverse your poor luck.

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