I didn’t make it on Ethiopian idol competition

You’ll quickly come to believe that everything is against you to the point where you start to notice additional situations that seem to support this theory. Because you’ll be so overcome with negativity and confident that nothing you do will change your situation, you’ll probably give up trying. A reader recently expressed to me her frustration and sense of misfortune. She had been looking for financial backers for her endeavor. Things hadn’t been going well because possible investors had consistently turned her down. And her partner ended their relationship just when she needed it the most. Additionally, she passed up a significant chance to meet with a potential investor the day following her split. She undoubtedly didn’t have an easy time of it. She was worn out and under stress. However, terrible luck wasn’t the factor at play. Fatalism perpetuates itself, turning people into helpless “victims” of life’s setbacks. The people who believe they will fail before they even try anything, certain that their “bad luck” would destroy their chances of success, are the “losers” in life. Seldom do they realize that the real causes of their downfall are ignorance, sloth, incompetence, lack of preparation, or just plain stupidity, all of which they could easily address if they would simply quit attributing their shortcomings to “bad luck” or other people. Given this, it seems impossible to learn how to alter bad luck because it

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