I was born around Megenagna….

Isn’t it odd how your automatic reaction when you first wake up, when you’re riding public transportation, when you have a little free time over lunch, or even when you’re just sitting at your desk, is to scroll through your Instagram feed? I frequently catch myself acting in this way when my day is slow. Although this can seem like a common practice, it might be a part of what’s causing your brain fog and unhappiness. If you are like me and frequently read through your Instagram feed, you may find yourself comparing your life to other people’s lives, your physique to the newest Insta-fit model, or your relaxing Friday night to their exciting night out. Depression on social media is more frequent than most people believe. Even if you’re angry or frustrated, it’s healthy to express yourself, but negative thought habits can be harmful. The explanation is that bad thoughts feed other bad thoughts, which in turn create a pessimistic mindset and a cynical view on life. It’s crucial to be aware of how frequently we voice grievances to other people. Though some commiseration is good for you, too much of it can cause unpleasant thoughts to linger. It might be hard to overcome the practice of complaining, especially if your friends or coworkers get a kick out of sharing their miseries with one another over a coffee break.

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